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For more than 25 years the CJA has given the opportunity to all the arbuciencs and arbucienques to begin in the practice of the judo.

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The Judo

For younger people, it is a way of discovering the body and preparing for a real sporting practice. 
For adolescents, their execution will be more technical and discovery of the cultural aspects of this sport. 
For adults, it is a relaxed sport that provides physical and mental balance. 
Those of the elderly can follow the study of judo at their own pace, replacing the muscular strength by harmony in gesture.

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What Are The Protective Equipment Use In Judo For Safety?

judo sport

Judo is a sport where you could be out for some time when an injury occurs. Injuring something as small as a little finger can keep you out of the game until certified fit.

Therefore, be advised to take good care of your entire body to remain safe and healthy.

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There are things you need to protect your fingers in judo games. Take good care of your fingers by doing the following things:

  • Do sometimes warm up to your fingers
  • Always cut your nails short
  • Do not intertwine your fingers with your opponents’
  • Make sure to do finger strengthening exercises
  • Apply tape to every session before you commence fight

Taping your finger at every session is very vital. Either for training or competition. Taping your fingers will make you feel stronger than when it’s not taped.


The Mouth-Guard is not the equipment that is commonly used in judo except for a fighter that has braces. Always wear a Mouth-Guard to prevent stray knee or elbow from injuring your mouth or falling off your tooth. A Mouth-Guard can cost you just $10 while a damaged tooth could cost few thousands of dollars to fix.

Use Shin Guard

In judo, miscalculated kicks could result in hitting you in the knee or shin. Constant experience of this can cause considerable bruises to your limb.

If this often occurs, be adviced to get a soft-foam shin guard and not the plastic type to protect your legs. It will make you comfortable and prevent your shin from getting bruised.

judo accessoriesUse Headgear

Headgear is another awesome judo equipment that is needed by judokas and its also known as Cauli Stopper.

It will prevent your ear from getting hurt which could result in cauliflower ear. Headgear could cost you around $90-$100 which is pretty cheaper to draining your ear by a doctor.

You can also warm your ear up before every session which will boost the blood flow to the ear and also prevent blood from clotting there which could result in cauliflower in your ear.

Wear A Rashie

Using a body-boarding rashie beneath your Judogi lessens the number of injuries and abrasions you could get on your chest and arms, as well as limits that familiar gi-burns feelings around your neck.

Using a rashie always in training is the best you can do for yourself as it will only cost $30. The best spending you could ever do to make you stay healthy and fit all the time.

Using all the protective gears mentioned above will make you stay fit, healthy and sound for years. Prevention is better than cure!

Why Judo Is so Important?

Judo for Kids

Judo has become a popular martial art and it was first developed in Japan more than hundred years ago. Judo is an intensely physical sport and it requires mental discipline and other techniques to perfect all the moves. Judo does not involve in hurting the opponent by kicking or punching them, it is about maintaining balance and controlling power and movement. It takes years of practice and intense training to become a professional judo fighter.

The following are some of the benefits of learning Judo:

Physical Tough:

When you practice judo it is going to hurt you and you will have to do various moves. You get thrown around a lot and you will hurt yourself. But as you get thrown your body will get used to it and it will become tough. During various drills, your muscles will get tone up and you will become physically fit.

Teaches us the value of hard work:

Acquire Judo Skills

Judo is a perfect sport which teaches you about working hard to achieve something. To become a judo master you need to practice for years and learn various techniques. Every time you get pushed around in the fight you learn how to focus better and handle such moves in the next fight. As you practice your progress will be seen and you will learn that hard work does pay off.

Helps you to face your fears:

Most of us tend not to do many things thinking that we will be physically and mentally hurt. Judo is a sport which trains you to face your fears. You will get pushed around a lot and when you force yourself to face the pain you will become resistant to that pain. Most of our fears are due to an incident which happened once. When we learn to face our fears and get exposed to it constantly we will not be afraid of it anymore.

Mental Toughness:

Judo is a sport which trains to fight despite the pain and the discomfort. It is about fighting back when your body is completely drained out. By learning judo you will understand that it is never too hard to fight someone who is bigger than you. They might intimidate you but you will build your confidence in yourself and fight your opponent.

Burning calories:

You burn a lot of calories while practicing judo. The sport is for both your anaerobic and aerobic system and provides your cardio muscles great endurance. It also helps you in building muscles and they become very flexible.

Helps Men get Back Their Manhood

This assertion has not been scientifically proven but many guys, especially in some Asian countries, openly confesses physical movement of Judo helps improves male libido and sexual intercourse.

That is, may help men last longer, better blood flow down and much more confidence building. Some even believe regular Judostic exercises coupled with natural Aphrodisiac or love drug helps them overcome erectile dysfunction and engender stronger, harder male machine.

Encourages you to be persistent:

Judo teaches you how you should never give up until you have get the thing that you desired. No one can become a judo master in the first day. Only with constant practice and focus a person can become a judo master. In this process you will get hurt and pushed around constantly but you have to concentrate and focus on your goal.


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5 Vital Things Teenage Judo Player Should Know

judo sport

Judo is a kind of sport that you get to improve in as you push further. You will grow in knowledge and skills as you continue to participate actively in Judo. Its advice to always have at the back of your mind that you have a lot to learn in judo. If you feel otherwise, then you need to stop going for judo training session as this negative attitude could affect other young judokas.

bass ford

Has a judoka, either amateur or professional, you will have chances of doing some of the below things if not all:

  • Opportunity to compete in lots of Judo competitions
  • Participate in world tournaments
  • Take part in grand slams and Olympic games
  • Meet other fabulous fighters from different countries
  • Give opportunity to visiting other countries and making friends
  • Some you will win and some you will lose

Judo competition could be tough, lonely and sometimes exciting. We will look into 5 vital things that teenage judo player needs to know to enhance their career.

1. Judo Could be Brutal and Lonely sometimes:

Learn to train hard one your own if truly you want to be a good teenage judo player. You must be able to wake very early in the morning to train in the gym. Train late sometimes and make sure to be good at what you love doing. You also need to create time to study your opponent. Always ask questions from you trainer on issues that need clarifications and keep the answers in mind. You must also fight as hard as you can when you are on the mat facing an opponent.

Some of your trips would have to be paid by you, so you need to instill the habit of saving money in yourself. Work on your budget and also write sponsorship letters.

2) Self Motivation

Do not rely on others to motivate you. Encourage yourself to spend more time in the gym training hard. You don’t necessarily need to wait for your trainer all the time for instruction. Do some things on your own. For instance, some would say they can only do things if just been yelled at by their coach.

This attitude just means that you are not trying to workout on your own which would have a negative impact on your skills. You surely do need a push sometimes but not always. Having a training session of your own without the coach will improve your skills and make your career grow pretty fast.

For you to succeed, you must push and motivate yourself to greatness. If you find yourself not achieving, do not blame either your coach or training partner as you have yourself to blame.

3. Work Hard To Improve Yourself:

Concentrate on learning varieties of technique and not just a particular one. When you over train yourself on a single skill and it gets banned, you would be left with little or no fighting technique.

For example, when you keep throwing a junior judoka to prove to your club that you are perfect in a particular throwing tech, you are merely on the verge of ruin. Spend more time learning other skills you not good at doing. Broaden your technique acquisition training. Whenever you are on the mat, start your attack with fighting skills you not good at and later bring up the one you perfect.

4. Combine Your Techniques Well:

In judo, all throws are a combination of actions. These combinations can either be a grip break, grip change or ashiwaza attack. Whichever you choose to go, a right mix of your techniques will result in success.

Develop your attacking skills and also your drill combination on taking up either a lefty or right-hand opponent.

5. Learn and Improve Your Half Guard Pass Skill:

It could be annoying when you succeed in throwing someone on the floor for a score, then turn over, and the opponent wrap his/her leg, and you find it difficult to get your leg released before the referee yell matte. So, learn some excellent half guard passes and improve on them seriously.

Tips for Beginners in Judo

Judo is a modern martial art whose roots lie in Jiu Jitsu. Judo is more of a mental and spiritual art and thus you will lose the thought of winning and losing and rise above everything. To become a professional you need to practice constantly. Only when you practice constantly you will be able to perform each step smoothly. Judo can be quite hard to learn at the beginning but as you keep on practicing you will become better at it and the following tips can help you out in learning Judo.

Take up Judo classes:

Judo Beginner's guide

Find a judo class where there is a coach who has a Black or Red belt. When you have a good instructor you will get the best quality training and you will be able to learn efficiently. At the class try to learn from someone who of your own weight and size. Judo is much easier to learn when you practice with someone who is of the same size as you are.

Get the Judo “GI”:

When you learn Judo it is necessary that you need to have a proper suit in which you will be comfortable to make various moves. The top is like a jacket which provides you better grip and the pants are loose and allows you to move around easily. The gi tends to shrink when you wash it so make sure not to wash the suit on a regular basis.


You need to first learn how to prevent your falls. You need to fall in the right way so that you do not get hurt. Make sure that you protect your head.

Learn the moves:

Try to learn new moves so that you will be motivated to practice more. Concentrate on your basics and become efficient in them and you can slowly start to lean new moves and practice them daily. You can watch other judo masters and tournaments and learn how the professionals make their each move.


Make sure that you practice your balance drills regularly. Drilling will increase your stamina and strength. Drills will improve your performance and also make you physically fit. Drills need to be done to develop your muscle memory and thus when you are on a fight, your muscles will be able to replicate the moves which you have done earlier.

Groundwork techniques:

Some of the groundwork techniques include arm locks, strangles and hold-downs. Most of the fights are won through groundwork techniques and thus it is very important for you to learn them.

Learn Japanese terminology:

As you are learning Judo it is quite essential to learn few Japanese terminology as sometimes during the competition the judge will be using Japanese terminologies and you might not want to lose the tournament just because you did not know what he was speaking. There are some basic terminologies which you can learn and use them during the fights.

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