Etiquette and Safety in the Judo Dojo

Judo is a physically demanding sporting activity, and it’s also crucial to take good care of the entire body and also always to put your training partners health into consideration. There are couples of things that you can employ to aid in enjoying a mishap-free judo profession.

Always Wash your hands Before Every Training Section

Just before you make it to the judo mat, you need to wash your hands at least. Every Judoka in Japan always take their shower and brush their teeth before each training session. It only shows the admiration they have for both their cleanliness and also for their practice associates.

Make Sure Always to Put on a Clean Gi

Always Soak and wash your workout gi after each practice session. Judo is a close body contact, and also an exclusive game which makes it an intensity sport as the athlete sweat profusely. Following a practice session that you do not just have your sweat in your gi but also that of your practice partner’s.

Always Wash your Hands after Using the Bathroom

How frequently have you inadvertently had somebody else hands in mouth, head or eyes? These occur quite often in Judo. Therefore, it’s crucial not to inflict other people with any form of ailment by getting your hands washed before stepping on to the mat for training.judo mat area


Just as the using the bathroom before stepping onto the mat for training is essential, so also the footwear you step the mat. If you move around all through the day and at the shopping mall, be sure to have carried millions and millions of bacteria and germs.

If you go straight to the dojo with this same shoes, be sure that you have spread those bacteria on the training mats and dojo floor. It is therefore essential to employ the law of stepping on the training mat bare feet. These can help in reducing the number of bacteria and germs around the training area.

Cut your fingernails

It’s necessary for every Judoka to cut short their finger and toenails.
It isn’t only for the security of your competitors but also for you as well. If you get your fingernails tore off in an intense grip contest could be very painful and dangerous and even having your leg raised up with a foot sweep gone wrong. Regularly keep your nails short, and you’ll also be sure that you are not injuring your opponents in any contest.

Always Wear a Strong T-Shirt or Rash-Guard Under your Gi

Most nowadays judokas wear a human body rash guard underneath their gi. These methods decrease the number of wounds and abrasions they tend to obtain on the torso and arms, also, to stop gi injury around the gorge.

Have a fine smelling breath

Bed, smoke and coffee breathe are not pleasing smells to passive whenever you are practising judo. Before training wash, your teeth chew on a few gums to be sure your opponents don’t stick out for a couple more strifes.


Ensure that your hair does not go all on your competition. There are a couple of matters grosser than getting your competitor’s sweaty hair from mind mouth and eyes. It’s just disgusting. In case you’ve got long hair design it in a manner that does not irritate your competitors.


Do not attend any training section if you’re sick. In case you’ve got flu, a cold or even a skin disease, please don’t go for practice so you don’t infect other people. Judo is an intimate contact game and germs travelling fast so if you’re sick, and please stay in your home.

Wash the mat region

Wash the mats as frequently as possible with a few antibacterial solutions and also some hot water. I understand many clubs don’t have their mats washed for a very long time. However, these days an increasing number of clubs have begun to clean their carpets as frequently as daily.

A closeby judo club asks their trainees to wash their carpets after each night training session. In addition to maintaining the rug, the students feel part of the dojo and from doing this they reverend the exercise area much more.


Break-falling was made to soften the autumn after being chucked. Many novices become hurt because they didn’t break autumn or are somewhat worried at the notion of being discarded. It’s crucial that you learn how to have a fall during training.

If you’re in doubt about break-falling, I urge you to not take part in almost any Randori (free sparring) till you’re sure at landing correctly. Otherwise, you might be in danger of becoming hurt.


Try as much s possible not to fight till death when partaking in any Randori. I’ve seen how judoka get hurt just by being too hard not to get thrown on the floor. By sticking out your arm in venturing to twist out an evade every of your competitor’s techniques might lead to an injury. It’s excellent to get this done in a contest, but it’s crucial to comprehend when to bypass methods and when to go over well for your competitor.

Fight fine

Some judo suits are only matches while others are conflicts. I’ve observed several judokas attempt to intimidate others. Judo training ground isn’t a location for bullies and indeed not an area to select people less or less experienced in the past. It’s essential that you battle somebody at their skill level or a little over. As a result, you may both reap and revel in judo.

Judo is an excellent art/sport also it’s so essential that people take care of each other. Not only ourselves. By following fundamental private hygiene/grooming processes, we won’t merely delight in training a whole lot more, but your coaching partners will enjoy coaching with you.

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