Five Reasons You Should Start Karate

What goes through your mind when you hear the term karate? When most people think of karate, they visualize a violent sport full of aggression and conflict. Not everyone sees the importance of karate beyond dazzling high kicks and dropping into splits just like the movie star Jean Claude Van Damme. It is for this reason that I am writing this article to give you an insight of why you should learn karate. If you are thinking of starting karate, here are five solid reasons you should do it:martial arts training


Regardless of gender or age, the number one reason you should start karate is self-defense. The sense of being safe is important to everyone. While it may be wrong to feel invincible, the confidence that comes with you knowing you can defend yourself and your family. Karate will, therefore, provide you with the relevant defense skills that will enable you to defend yourself as well as your family and friends during dangerous situations that call for self-defense.


Karate is an intense activity that requires regular training. Karate training will improve your strength, stamina, flexibility, and speed. Due to the intensity of training, karate will boost your overall body awareness and fitness by developing and strengthening of every muscle in your body.


For you to trust your abilities to do something, you must be confident. Karate teaches how to cope with pressure by applying different strategies a little bit at a time. Once you are comfortable, you can now start to extend or push beyond the limits and feel good about trying something new. Karate offers a constant challenge that will keep you alert and allow your confidence to grow.


Control of things such as anger is as a result of concentration, focus, and confidence, which are provided by karate. Through the efforts of karate practice, people learn their limitations. Emotions like fear and anger may never leave you completely but by practicing karate, like anything else, you will learn to control them.

Respect, discipline, and humility

Karate is often associated with discipline. This is because of the way the classes are taught. In karate, there is a ranking system which allows people to know there stand. Generally, a person who joins a karate class will learn how to bow to each other as a sign of respect, call the instructor with respectful names and adhere to the rules and guidelines set by the club. As one goes out, he or she carries the discipline and respect wherever he or she goes, thus learning how to handle different situations in the society with lots of respect.

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