What Are The Protective Equipment Use In Judo For Safety?

Judo is a sport where you could be out for some time when an injury occurs. Injuring something as small as a little finger can keep you out of the game until certified fit.

Therefore, be advised to take good care of your entire body to remain safe and healthy.

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There are things you need to protect your fingers in judo games. Take good care of your fingers by doing the following things:

  • Do sometimes warm up to your fingers
  • Always cut your nails short
  • Do not intertwine your fingers with your opponents’
  • Make sure to do finger strengthening exercises
  • Apply tape to every session before you commence fight

Taping your finger at every session is very vital. Either for training or competition. Taping your fingers will make you feel stronger than when it’s not taped.


The Mouth-Guard is not the equipment that is commonly used in judo except for a fighter that has braces. Always wear a Mouth-Guard to prevent stray knee or elbow from injuring your mouth or falling off your tooth. A Mouth-Guard can cost you just $10 while a damaged tooth could cost few thousands of dollars to fix.

Use Shin Guard

In judo, miscalculated kicks could result in hitting you in the knee or shin. Constant experience of this can cause considerable bruises to your limb.

If this often occurs, be adviced to get a soft-foam shin guard and not the plastic type to protect your legs. It will make you comfortable and prevent your shin from getting bruised.

judo accessoriesUse Headgear

Headgear is another awesome judo equipment that is needed by judokas and its also known as Cauli Stopper.

It will prevent your ear from getting hurt which could result in cauliflower ear. Headgear could cost you around $90-$100 which is pretty cheaper to draining your ear by a doctor.

You can also warm your ear up before every session which will boost the blood flow to the ear and also prevent blood from clotting there which could result in cauliflower in your ear.

Wear A Rashie

Using a body-boarding rashie beneath your Judogi lessens the number of injuries and abrasions you could get on your chest and arms, as well as limits that familiar gi-burns feelings around your neck.

Using a rashie always in training is the best you can do for yourself as it will only cost $30. The best spending you could ever do to make you stay healthy and fit all the time.

Using all the protective gears mentioned above will make you stay fit, healthy and sound for years. Prevention is better than cure!

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