Judo Arbucies

Judo Arbucies

The main benefits that judo provides are to collaborate in the growth of the child, in the case of children, and in all ages, in general, develop basic physical qualities such as balance, coordination, flexibility, psychomotor activity, etc.

Proof of the international recognition of this sport is that UNESCO has declared it as the most advisable since childhood.

Judo is not an aggressive sport since the intention is not to hurt the opposite but to immobilize it. The goal is to use the strength of the opponent to make it fall back. If it does not fall perfectly, the combat can continue on the ground by applying immobilizations that consist of keeping the opposite controlled with the back attached to the ground.

Judo is not always a combat; It can also be practiced in the form of katas, which is the execution of techniques in the form of demonstration, where the physical effort required is less.

From this historical club we encourage you to discover this sport that anyone can practice with the limitations of each individual.

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