Tips for Beginners in Judo

Judo is a modern martial art whose roots lie in Jiu Jitsu. Judo is more of a mental and spiritual art and thus you will lose the thought of winning and losing and rise above everything. To become a professional you need to practice constantly. Only when you practice constantly you will be able to perform each step smoothly. Judo can be quite hard to learn at the beginning but as you keep on practicing you will become better at it and the following tips can help you out in learning Judo.

Take up Judo classes:

Judo Beginner's guide

Find a judo class where there is a coach who has a Black or Red belt. When you have a good instructor you will get the best quality training and you will be able to learn efficiently. At the class try to learn from someone who of your own weight and size. Judo is much easier to learn when you practice with someone who is of the same size as you are.

Get the Judo “GI”:

When you learn Judo it is necessary that you need to have a proper suit in which you will be comfortable to make various moves. The top is like a jacket which provides you better grip and the pants are loose and allows you to move around easily. The gi tends to shrink when you wash it so make sure not to wash the suit on a regular basis.


You need to first learn how to prevent your falls. You need to fall in the right way so that you do not get hurt. Make sure that you protect your head.

Learn the moves:

Try to learn new moves so that you will be motivated to practice more. Concentrate on your basics and become efficient in them and you can slowly start to lean new moves and practice them daily. You can watch other judo masters and tournaments and learn how the professionals make their each move.


Make sure that you practice your balance drills regularly. Drilling will increase your stamina and strength. Drills will improve your performance and also make you physically fit. Drills need to be done to develop your muscle memory and thus when you are on a fight, your muscles will be able to replicate the moves which you have done earlier.

Groundwork techniques:

Some of the groundwork techniques include arm locks, strangles and hold-downs. Most of the fights are won through groundwork techniques and thus it is very important for you to learn them.

Learn Japanese terminology:

As you are learning Judo it is quite essential to learn few Japanese terminology as sometimes during the competition the judge will be using Japanese terminologies and you might not want to lose the tournament just because you did not know what he was speaking. There are some basic terminologies which you can learn and use them during the fights.

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