5 Vital Things Teenage Judo Player Should Know

Judo is a kind of sport that you get to improve in as you push further. You will grow in knowledge and skills as you continue to participate actively in Judo. Its advice to always have at the back of your mind that you have a lot to learn in judo. If you feel otherwise, then you need to stop going for judo training session as this negative attitude could affect other young judokas.

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Has a judoka, either amateur or professional, you will have chances of doing some of the below things if not all:

  • Opportunity to compete in lots of Judo competitions
  • Participate in world tournaments
  • Take part in grand slams and Olympic games
  • Meet other fabulous fighters from different countries
  • Give opportunity to visiting other countries and making friends
  • Some you will win and some you will lose

Judo competition could be tough, lonely and sometimes exciting. We will look into 5 vital things that teenage judo player needs to know to enhance their career.

1. Judo Could be Brutal and Lonely sometimes:

Learn to train hard one your own if truly you want to be a good teenage judo player. You must be able to wake very early in the morning to train in the gym. Train late sometimes and make sure to be good at what you love doing. You also need to create time to study your opponent. Always ask questions from you trainer on issues that need clarifications and keep the answers in mind. You must also fight as hard as you can when you are on the mat facing an opponent.

Some of your trips would have to be paid by you, so you need to instill the habit of saving money in yourself. Work on your budget and also write sponsorship letters.

2) Self Motivation

Do not rely on others to motivate you. Encourage yourself to spend more time in the gym training hard. You don’t necessarily need to wait for your trainer all the time for instruction. Do some things on your own. For instance, some would say they can only do things if just been yelled at by their coach.

This attitude just means that you are not trying to workout on your own which would have a negative impact on your skills. You surely do need a push sometimes but not always. Having a training session of your own without the coach will improve your skills and make your career grow pretty fast.

For you to succeed, you must push and motivate yourself to greatness. If you find yourself not achieving, do not blame either your coach or training partner as you have yourself to blame.

3. Work Hard To Improve Yourself:

Concentrate on learning varieties of technique and not just a particular one. When you over train yourself on a single skill and it gets banned, you would be left with little or no fighting technique.

For example, when you keep throwing a junior judoka to prove to your club that you are perfect in a particular throwing tech, you are merely on the verge of ruin. Spend more time learning other skills you not good at doing. Broaden your technique acquisition training. Whenever you are on the mat, start your attack with fighting skills you not good at and later bring up the one you perfect.

4. Combine Your Techniques Well:

In judo, all throws are a combination of actions. These combinations can either be a grip break, grip change or ashiwaza attack. Whichever you choose to go, a right mix of your techniques will result in success.

Develop your attacking skills and also your drill combination on taking up either a lefty or right-hand opponent.

5. Learn and Improve Your Half Guard Pass Skill:

It could be annoying when you succeed in throwing someone on the floor for a score, then turn over, and the opponent wrap his/her leg, and you find it difficult to get your leg released before the referee yell matte. So, learn some excellent half guard passes and improve on them seriously.

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