Why Judo Is so Important?

Judo has become a popular martial art and it was first developed in Japan more than hundred years ago. Judo is an intensely physical sport and it requires mental discipline and other techniques to perfect all the moves. Judo does not involve in hurting the opponent by kicking or punching them, it is about maintaining balance and controlling power and movement. It takes years of practice and intense training to become a professional judo fighter.

The following are some of the benefits of learning Judo:

Physical Tough:

When you practice judo it is going to hurt you and you will have to do various moves. You get thrown around a lot and you will hurt yourself. But as you get thrown your body will get used to it and it will become tough. During various drills, your muscles will get tone up and you will become physically fit.

Teaches us the value of hard work:

Acquire Judo Skills

Judo is a perfect sport which teaches you about working hard to achieve something. To become a judo master you need to practice for years and learn various techniques. Every time you get pushed around in the fight you learn how to focus better and handle such moves in the next fight. As you practice your progress will be seen and you will learn that hard work does pay off.

Helps you to face your fears:

Most of us tend not to do many things thinking that we will be physically and mentally hurt. Judo is a sport which trains you to face your fears. You will get pushed around a lot and when you force yourself to face the pain you will become resistant to that pain. Most of our fears are due to an incident which happened once. When we learn to face our fears and get exposed to it constantly we will not be afraid of it anymore.

Mental Toughness:

Judo is a sport which trains to fight despite the pain and the discomfort. It is about fighting back when your body is completely drained out. By learning judo you will understand that it is never too hard to fight someone who is bigger than you. They might intimidate you but you will build your confidence in yourself and fight your opponent.

Burning calories:

You burn a lot of calories while practicing judo. The sport is for both your anaerobic and aerobic system and provides your cardio muscles great endurance. It also helps you in building muscles and they become very flexible.

Helps Men get Back Their Manhood

This assertion has not been scientifically proven but many guys, especially in some Asian countries, openly confesses physical movement of Judo helps improves male libido and sexual intercourse.

That is, may help men last longer, better blood flow down and much more confidence building. Some even believe regular Judostic exercises coupled with natural Aphrodisiac or love drug helps them overcome erectile dysfunction and engender stronger, harder male machine.

Encourages you to be persistent:

Judo teaches you how you should never give up until you have get the thing that you desired. No one can become a judo master in the first day. Only with constant practice and focus a person can become a judo master. In this process you will get hurt and pushed around constantly but you have to concentrate and focus on your goal.


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